AZ-900 Dumps Microsoft Azure AZ 900 Exam Questions Part-2

Hello Aspiring Microsoft Cloud Enginers, in this article we will check the Most Repeated Questions asked in the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamental Exam. We have attached a pdf of AZ 900 Exam Questions / AZ 900 Dumps with Answers Free[PDF].

This article is the second part of the most important AZ 900 Certificate Exam Questions. You can check the first part AZ 900 Exam Questions & Dumps with Answers Free PDF Download Part-1. In this section, we have covered 30 other AZ 900 Real exam questions.

We strongly recommend checking our Guide to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification. This is a step-by-step guide for preparing yourself for the exam.

About Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certificate AZ-900 Exam

The AZ-900 exam is an entry-level certification exam offered by Microsoft. It is designed for individuals who are new to the cloud computing industry or want to gain knowledge about Microsoft Azure.

The exam covers various aspects of cloud computing, such as Azure services, deployment models, security, compliance, and pricing. It also tests your understanding of core cloud computing concepts like infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The AZ-900 certification is suitable for anyone who wants to validate their foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure or for those who are interested in pursuing further Azure certifications.

Skills Measured in AZ 900 Certifications Exam | Syllabus of AZ-900

Following are the skills measured in AZ900 exam

• Describe cloud concepts (25–30%)
• Describe Azure architecture and services (35–40%)
• Describe Azure management and governance (30–35%)

AZ-900 Syllabus from Microsoft Download.

Exam AZ-900 Questions Type

The following type of Questions are asked in AZ 900 Exam

  • Multiple Choice Questions – One Correct Option
  • Multiple Choice Questions – More than one Correct option
  • Correct Order Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions based on Case Studies
  • Drag & Drop values to correct option
  • Series and Yes & no Questions

AZ-900 Exam Questions with Answers

AZ-900 Questions – Azure Concepts

Q1. Which of the following terms refers to making a service available with no downtime for a long period of time?

1) High Availability
2) Fault Tolerance
3) Agility

Q2. Which cloud model provides the greatest degree of ownership and control to the user or organisation?
1) Public
2) Private
3) Hybrid

Q3. Which cloud service type you will choose when You’re developing an application and want to focus on building, testing, and deploying? You don’t want to worry about managing the underlying hardware or software.

1) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
2) Software as a Service (SaaS)
3) Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Q4. You have 50 virtual machines hosted in azure and 50 virtual machines hosted on-premises. All VM are connected with each other.
Which type of cloud model is this?

1) hybrid
2) private
3) public

Q5. Which Azure service should you use to correlate events from multiple resources into a centralized repository?

1) Azure Event Hubs
2) Azure Log Analytics
3) Azure Analysis Services
4) Azure Monitor

Q6. For each of the following statements, select True if the statement is Correct . Otherwise, select False.

a) If you assign a tag to a resource group, all the Azure resources in that resource group are assigned to the same tag.
b) All the Azure resources deployed to a single resource group must share the same Azure region.
c) If you set permissions to a resource group, all the Azure resources in that resource group inherit the permissions.

1) True- False- True
2) False- True- True
3) False- False- True

AZ 900 Exam Questions – Azure services

Q7. All resources that are part of an application and share the same lifecycle should exist in the same_____________?

1) Availability Set
2) Resource Group
3) Availability Zone

Q8. You are required to manage a set of identical virtual machines, Which Azure compute resource can you use?

1) Virtual machine Scale sets
2) Virtual machine availability zones
3) Virtual machine availability sets

Q9. Azure Resource Manager templates use which format?

3) XML

Q10. Which Azure cloud services provide development collaboration tools such as free private Git repositories, high-performance pipelines, and configurable Kanban boards?

1) Azure Event grid
2) Azure DevOps Services
3) HDInsight

Q11. Which management tools would best allow you to do manage Azure services remotely from your Android phone with the least amount of administrative effort?

1) Powershell
2) Azure portal
3) Azure CLI

Azure Fundamental AZ-900 Questions on Management Tools on Azure

Q12. This question requires that you evaluate the highlighted text to determine if it is correct.

One of the benefits of Azure SQL Data Warehouse is that high availability is built into the platform.

If the statement is incorrect, select the answer choice that makes the statement correct. If it makes the statement correct, select No change is needed.

1) versioning
2) automatic scaling
3) data compression
4) No change is needed

Q13. You need to collect events from multiple resources into a centralized repository. Which Azure service should you use?

1) Azure Monitor
2) Azure Analysis Services
3) Azure Event Hubs
4) Azure Stream Analytics

AZ 900 Dumps Questions – Azure Security

Q14. You need to grant or deny access based on the originating IP address. Which Azure service you will use?

1) Azure Firewall
2) Azure Active Directory
3) VPN Gateway

Q15. Which of the following could require both a password and a security question (two or more elements) for full authentication?

1) Azure Firewall
2) Multi-Factor Authentication
3) Application Gateway

Q16. You need to find out details about the personal data Microsoft processes, how Microsoft processes it, and for what purposes. Where you can find these details?

1) Compliance Manager
2) Microsoft Privacy Statement
3) Azure Service Health

Q17. Which of the following lets you grant users only the rights they need to perform their jobs?

1) Azure Policy
2) Role-Based Access Control
3) Azure Security

AZ-900 Dumps Questions on Governance

Q18. You want to reduce the number of times users must authenticate to access multiple applications in your organization. Which Azure service you will Use

1) Multifactor authentication
2) SSO
3) Conditional Access

Q19. Where can you find reference blueprints that it can apply directly to its Azure subscriptions?

1) Online Services Terms
2) Microsoft Privacy Statement
3) Azure compliance documentation

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Questions – Cost Management

Q20. What is the basic requirement to use Azure Cost Management?

1) a Dev/Test subscription
2) a pay-as-you-go subscription
3) Software Assurance
4) an Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Q21. You need to monitor, allocate, and optimize your Azure costs. Which of the following provides a set of tools for this task?

1) Azure Pricing Calculator
2) Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
3) Azure Cost Management

Q22. Azure Reservations offers discounted prices if you?

1) use spending limits.
2) provision a certain number of resources.
3) pay in advance.

Q23. Your Organisation wants to migrate to the cloud. Which of the following can be used to estimate cost savings?

1) Pricing calculator
2) Usage meter
3) Total Cost of Ownership calculator

AZ-900 Exam – ‘Question Series’ type

Q24. Your Azure environment contains multiple Azure VMs.
You need to assure that a VM named Virtual machine 1 is accessible from the Internet over HTTP.
Solution: You modify a DDoS protection plan.

Does this meet the goal?
1) Yes
2) No

Q25. Your Azure environment contains multiple Azure VMs.
You need to assure that a VM named Virtual machine 1 is accessible from the Internet over HTTP. Solution: You modify an Azure firewall.

Does this meet the goal?
1) Yes
2) No

AZ 900 exam Question – 2 Correct Option

Q26. Your company wants to host a mission-critical application with maximum possible uptime for the application on a set of VMs within Microsoft Azure.

Which of the following 2 things you will perform to fulfill this task?

1) Create Availability Sets
2) Create Resource Groups
3) Create Availability Zones
4) Create Resource Tags

Q27. Your company wants to create multiple data stores to store data that is infrequently used in Microsoft Azure. Which of the following storage tiers would be suitable for this requirement?

1) Hot storage
2) Premium storage
3) Cool storage
4) Archive storage

AZ 900 Dumps – Drag & Drop Question

Q28. Match the Azure Cloud Services benefit to the correct description.

AZ-900 Dumps Microsoft azure Fundamental
AZ-900 Dumps Microsoft azure Fundamental


Box 1:
Fault tolerance

Box 2:
Disaster recovery

Box 3:
Dynamic scalability

Box 4:

AZ-900Exam Question – Selection Type

Q. To complete the sentence, select the appropriate option in the answer area.

AZ-900 Exam Questions and Dumps
AZ-900 Exam Questions and Dumps


Configure Saas Solution

AZ-900 Exam Questions Type – Yes or NO

Q. For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No.

AZ 900 Exam Questions And Answers
AZ 900 Exam Questions And Answers


1. Yes – You can assign additional account administrators in the Azure Portal.

2. No – You need an Azure Active Directory account to manage a subscription, not a Microsoft account.
An account is created in the Azure Active Directory when you create the subscription. Further accounts can be created in the Azure Active Directory to manage the subscription

3. No. Resource groups are logical containers for Azure resources. However, resource groups do not contain subscriptions. Subscriptions contain resource groups.

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