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In this article, we will cover the 30 most important and frequently asked questions in the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification AZ-900 exam. End, we have attached a pdf of AZ-900 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free PDF Download.

This article is the first part of the most important AZ 900 Certificate Exam Questions. You can check the second part AZ 900 Exam Questions & Dumps with Answers Free PDF Download Part-2. In this section, we have covered 30 other AZ 900 Real exam questions.

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Skills measured in AZ-900

Following are the skills measured in AZ900 exam

• Describe cloud concepts (25–30%)
• Describe Azure architecture and services (35–40%)
• Describe Azure management and governance (30–35%)

AZ 900 Exam Questions

Q1 Which of the following describes a benefit of cloud services?

1) Economies of scale
2) Unpredictable costs
3) Fixed workloads

Q2 Which cloud model provides the greatest degree of flexibility?

1) Public
2) Private
3) Hybrid

Q3 Microsoft Office 365 is an example of a?

1) Infrastructure as a Service
2) Software as a Service
3) Platform as a Service

Q4 Which of the following requires the most user management of cloud services?

1) Infrastructure as a Service
2) Software as a Service
3) Platform as a Service

Q5 You are running a VM in a public cloud using IaaS. Which model correctly reflects how that resource is managed?

1) Cloud management model
2) User management model
3) Shared responsibility model

Q7 Your Company plans to store 20 TB of data in Azure. The data will be accessed infrequently and visualized by using Microsoft Power BI. Which two storage services you can use?

A. Azure SQL Data Warehouse
B. Azure Cosmos DB
C. Azure Data Lake
D. Azure SQL Database
E. Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Q8 You need to map a network drive from several computers that run Windows 10 to Azure Storage. which storage solution you will create in Azure?

A. a Files service in a storage account
B. a virtual machine data disk
C. an SQL Database
D. a Blobs service in a storage account

Q9 You need to start the planning process to migrate all your company network resources to Azure. What should you create first?

A. a subscription
B. a management group
C. a virtual network
D. a resource group

Q10 What should you use to be notified when Microsoft plans to perform maintenance that can affect the resources deployed to an Azure subscription?

A. Azure Monitor
B. Microsoft trust Center
C. Azure Advisor
D. Azure Service Health

Q11 Which service provides serverless computing in Azure?

A. Azure dedicated hosts
B. Azure Functions
C. Azure storage account
D. Azure VMs

Q12 Which Azure service you can use to control versions of your code?

A. Azure Repos
B. Azure DevTest Labs
C. Azure Cosmos DB
D. Azure Storage

Q13 Your company has an on-premises application that sends email notifications automatically based on a rule. You need to recommend an azure serverless computing solution for the application.

A. a web app
B. an API App
C. a logic app
D. a server image in Azure Marketplace

Q14 You plan to deploy a website with large video files to Azure accessed by users worldwide. Y which Azure feature you should use to provide the best video playback experience?

A. a content delivery network (CDN)
B. an Azure ExpressRoute circuit
C. an application gateway
D. an Azure Traffic Manager profile

Q15 Your company plans to set up an IoT solution with several million sensors that will upload data to Azure. Which two Azure resources must be created to support the planned solution?

A. Azure File Storage
B. Azure Queue storage
C. Azure Data Lake
D. Azure IoT Hub
E. Azure Notification Hubs

Q16 You have an Azure web app.
What are two Azure management tools that you can use to manage the settings of the web app from an iPhone?

A. Windows PowerShell
B. the Azure portal
C. Azure Cloud Shell
D. Azure CLI
E. Azure Storage Explorer

Q17 Your company plans to deploy an AI solution in Azure. What should the company use to build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions?

A. Azure Batch
B. Azure Machine Learning Designer
C. Azure Logic Apps
D. Azure Cosmos DB

Q18 In Azure what can you use to automatically send an alert if an administrator stops an Azure virtual machine?
A. Azure Service Health
B. Azure Advisor
C. Azure Monitor
D. Azure Network Watcher

Q19 Which service provides network traffic filtering across multiple Azure virtual networks and subscriptions?

A. Azure Firewall
B. a network security group (NSG)
C. Azure DDoS protection
D. an application security group

Q20 What can you use to store certificates?

A. an Azure Storage account
B. Azure Security Center
C. Azure Key Vault
D. Azure Information Protection

Q21 To what should an application connect to retrieve security tokens?

A. an Azure key Vault
B. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
C. a certificate store
D. an Azure Storage account

Q22 What can Azure Information Protection encrypt?

A. an Azure Storage account
B. documents and email messages
C. network traffic
D. an Azure SQL database

Q23 What should you use to evaluate whether your company’s Azure environment meets regulatory requirements?

A. the Solutions blade from the Azure portal
B. the Advisor blade from the Azure portal
C. Compliance Manager from the Service Trust Portal
D. the Knowledge Center website

Q24 Which task can you perform by using Azure Advisor?

A. Confirm that Azure subscription security follows best practices.
B. Estimate the costs of an Azure solution.
C. Integrate Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
D. Evaluate which on-premises resources can be migrated to Azure.

Q25 Your company has 20 offices. You plan to induce several billing reports from the portal. Which Azure Resource Manager feature should you use so each report will contain the Azure resource utilization of each office?

A. tags
B. locks
C. templates
D. policies

Q26) Select Yes if the statement is true. Select No if false.

AZ-900 Questions platform as a service
AZ-900 Questions platform as a service

No – Yes – Yes

Q27) Select Yes if the statement is true. Select No if false.

AZ-900 Questions Microsoft
AZ-900 Questions Microsoft

No- No – Yes

Q28) Select the appropriate option in the answer area to complete the sentence.

AZ900 Dumps availability zone
AZ900 Dumps availability zone

Answer – Within Azure Region

Q29) Select the appropriate option in the answer area to complete the sentence.

AZ-900 Questions Certification
AZ-900 Questions Certification

Answer – Azure Resource Manager templates

Q30) Match the Answer Option(Azure service) to the correct description.

AZ900 Dumps Azure
AZ900 Dumps Azure

Answer –
1 – Azure Bot Services
2 – Azure Machine Learning
3 – Azure Functions
4 – IoT Hub

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