PL-300 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF]

Hello Aspiring Power BI Data Analysts, in this Article we will check the Most Repeated Questions asked in the PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Exam. In the end, we have attached a pdf of PL-300 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF].

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We will review questions type for four Measured Skills in the PL-300 exam:
1) Prepare the Data
2) Model the Data
3) Visualize and Analyze the Data
4) Deploy Maintain Assets

Questions Type of PL-300 Exam
1)      Active Screen Questions
2)      Multiple Choice Questions
3)      Correct Order Questions
4)      Multiple Choice Questions based on Case Studies
5)      Drag & Drop values to correct option

Table of Contents

Questions on Prepare The Data

Q1 -You’re importing data from an Azure Analysis Services Cube in Power BI Desktop. When the data refreshes in the cube, you would like to see it immediately in the Power BI report.
Which Connection type will you use?
1) Connect Live
2) Import
3) Direct Querry

Answer 1) Connect Live

Q2 – Which two Data profiling tool you can use to identify Primary Key in the table?
1) Column Quality
2) Column Distribution
3) Column Profile
4) Column Check

Answer 1) Column Distribution & Column Profile

Q3 Which Power Query tool can you use when you know the outcome of a column you want but don’t know which transformation(s) to use?
1) Conditional column
2) Column from examples
3) Custom column
4) Index column

Answer 2) Column from examples

Questions on Model the Data

Q4 How Many inactive Relationships are there in the below data Model?

Answer One

Inactive Relationship Question PL-300

Q5 Which Function do we use to activate an inactive relationships?


Q6) What type of table stores details about business entities?
1) Fact table
2) Dimension table
3) Date table
4) Data table

Anwer 2) Dimension table

PL-300 Questions on Visualize and Analyze the Data

Q7 You are working on a Power Report. You need to create a calculated table to return the top 100 spending customers. Complete the DAX expression.


Q8 Which of the following filters are not available in Power BI reports?
1) Drillthrough
2) Report level
3) Page type
4) Page level

Answer 3) Page type

Q9 You build a report on Sales Performance and the Sales team wants a single visual to identify factors affecting success. Which Visual will you use?
1) Line and clustered column chart
2) Key influencers
3) Scatter chart
4) Decomposition Tree

Answer 2) Key Influencers

Q10 You are Monitoring the Performace sales Department using a dashboard. A card visual shows Total sales. You need to notify when total sales go above 1000. What should you create?
1) a Q&A visual
2) a subscription
3) a smart narrative visual
4) an alert

Answer – 4) an alert

Questions on Deploy Maintain Assets

Q11 Where are the dataset-scheduled refreshes configured?
1) Power BI Desktop
2) Power BI Service

Answer 2) Power Bi Service

Q12 Which DAX function allows you to filter rows dynamically based on the user’s mail id?


Q13 You are building a Power BI Report and During the development process, you need to import a sample of the data.

Solution -You write a DAX expression that uses the FILTER function.
Does this meet You Goal?
1) Yes
2) No

Answer 2) No

Q14 You are building a dataset from a JSON file that contains an array of documents.
You need to import attributes as columns from all the documents in the JSON file. The solution must ensure that date attributes can be used as date hierarchies in Microsoft Power BI reports.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence?


PL 300 Question

Case Study Type Question Pl-300

In these type of question you will be given a real type of situation of a company. The question will contain details of data sources, reporting requirements, and security requirements. Around 5-10 questions will be asked based on the details provided.

PL-300 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF] – link

We have prepared a PDF that contains the most repeated questions of the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam PL-300.

PDF link – PL-300 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF]

Practice Tests for PL-300 Exam

Practice test helps you understand the pattern of the exam & make you aware of the types of questions asked. You can figure out your strengths and weakness & figure out on which section or type of PL-300 exam questions you need to focus more before attempting the actual exam.

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