PL-300 | Best Guide to Microsoft Power BI Certification

In this Guide, we will learn about Microsoft Power BI Certification PL-300 for Data Analysts. We explore the Syllabus, Best Free & paid Courses for exam preparation, Practice tests, Exam Questions, Exam type & Cost, Questions, and resources available from Microsoft for this certification.

After reading this article you will have complete know-how about the PL-300 exam, from enrolment, preparation and result.

At last, we will discuss frequently asked questions for PL-300 Certificate

Why do You need to do Power BI Data Analyst Certificate?

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most used Business Intelligence software in the industry for Data visualization. And as per Gartner Magic Quadrant, Microsoft Power BI remains in the leadership position beating Salesforce’s Tableau and Google’s Looker.

So this certificate increases your chances of getting a Data Analyst Job no matter whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher.

Power BI Gartner Magic Quadrant
Power BI Gartner Magic Quadrant

Syllabus Microsoft Power BI Certificate PL-300

The syllabus is divided into four sections:

  1. Prepare the data (15–20%)
    • Get data from different data sources
    • Clean, transform and load the data
  2. Model the data (30–35%)
    • Design a data model
    • Develop a data model
    • Create model calculations by using DAX
    • Optimize model performance
  3. Visualize and analyze the data (25–30%)
    • Create reports
    • Create dashboards
    • Enhance reports for usability and storytelling
    • Identify patterns and trends
  4. Deploy and maintain assets (20–25%)
    • Manage files and datasets
    • Manage workspaces

5 Best Free Courses to Prepare for Power BI Certification PL-300

Below is the list of best free resources from which you can prepare for your Power BI PL-300( Previously DA-1000 Certificate

1. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI – DAVIDSONX (edX – Free)

This is one of the best tutorials available for learning Power BI for Free. It is a 4-week self-paced course. The instructor of this course is Mr. Pete Benbow who is Team Lead for Analytics and Business intelligence at Davidson College.

2. Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 | PL-300 Exam Prep – Maven Analytics (Udemy – Free with Coupon & Sale)

This is one of the Highest Rated courses by Mr. Aaron Parry of Maven Analytics. The Couse Contain 8.5 hours of On Demand content and comes with 1 Practice test.

3. PL-300 certification: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst/DA-100 (Udemy – Free with Coupon & Sale)

The Course is one of the Bestsellers on Udemy by Mr. Phillip Burton and comes with 2.7 hours of on-demand video.

4. Microsoft Learning Path

Microsoft created their content with Lab simulation to help students to prepare for “Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst”

5. Microsoft Exam Readiness Zone

Experts from the Microsoft team provide tips, tricks, and strategies for preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam. You will find 4 videos describing briefly the exam topics.

PL-300 Exam Question for Practice

You can check our PL-300 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF] post, we have added around 340+ previously asked questions in the PL300 exam. We also have a youtube video explicitly explaining Pl-300 Questions, please watch it below:

PL 300 Practice Test

1. PL 300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Microsoft Official Practice Test

Microsoft Partnered with Mindhub and provided the official Practice Test.

  • Microsoft Official Practice Test
  • Detailed answers and references
  • Study and timed certification mode
  • Instant score report
  • Fee – $99

2. PL 300 Practice Tests (Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst)

  • 5 Practice tests On Udemy
  • Lucid explanations
  • Fee – $15 (US)/ INR 500 (India)

3. PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst – Free Questions (340+)

  • Completely Free
  • 340+ Questions with Answers

Best Free Power BI Certifications

You can explore other free Power BI Certification in parallel with PL-300 Certificate, few are mentioned for you here:

1. Free Online Power BI Certificate by Alison

Alison provides many free Microsoft Power Bi learning and certification courses from different professionals and Institutes.

  • Diploma in Power BI
  • Master Microsoft Power BI
  • Introduction to Analysis with Power BI Desktop etc

You can check the website and choose the course of your Choice.

2. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides many Power BI free courses with Certificates. You can choose the course of your choice and start learning. All courses are free for one month and you can benefit from these. Some important courses are listed below:

  • Power BI Essential Training
  • Power BI: Dashboards for Beginners
  • Advanced Microsoft Power BI
  • Power BI Data Modeling with DAX


Is PL-300 Easy or tough?

If you are a regular user of Power BI and repeatedly perform activities like Preparing Data, Modeling, Visualization, & deployment then it is easy to clear the PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Exam.

What is the Cost of the Microsoft Power BI Certificate Exam PL-300?

The exam cost of PL-300 is $165USD (Around 4800 INR)

Are DA-100 and PL-300 the Same?

PL 300 certification replaced DA-100 as the official Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam. PA-100 retired on March 31, 2022. The Skills required and syllabus for both exams are the same.

Is it Worth getting a PL 300 Microsoft Power Bi Certificate?

Yes, PL-300 helps you to be highlighted in the crowd and if you are a fresher then this certificate will be a big positive in getting you a job in the analytics field.

Is there any Microsoft Certificate for Power BI?

Yes, the name of the certificate is “PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst”. It replaced the previous certificate DA-100 which was retired by Microsoft on March 31, 2022

Is the Microsoft Power Bi course Free?

Microsoft provides a free online learning path to learn Power BI for free. The course has Videos, Chapters, and Lab assignments which you can complete to get Hands-on with Power BI

PL 300 Exam/Questions type?

1)      Active Screen Questions
2)      Multiple Choice Questions
3)      Correct Order Questions
4)      Multiple Choice Questions based on Case Studies
5)      Drag & Drop values to correct option

PL 300 Passing Score?

The Passing score of PL-300 is 700 out of 1000.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Time/Duration?

The period to complete the exam is 100 Minutes. You can take a break in between the exam but you will not be allowed to attempt the questions which you have seen before going to break.

PL-300 No of Questions?

The exam consists of 40 -60 Questions.

When to expect your Score/Result?

You will get your score immediately after finishing your exam.

What to do if you fail the exam?

If you fail your exam, you can retake the exam after 24 Hours after your first attempt. In one year you can have a maximum of 5 attempts.

What is the Validity of the PL-300 Certificate? Expiry Date?

The Validity of the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certificate is of one year. The certificate expires after 1 year.


Exam NamePL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
Exam CostUSD 165 (4800 INR)
Exam Duration100 Minutes
No. of Questions40-60 Questions
Passing Score700
Maximum Score1000
SyllabusMicrosoft Power BI Data Analyst
Learning Path (PL-300 Training)Microsoft Learning Path
Microsoft PL-300 Certificate Summary