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Hello Aspiring Microsoft Cloud Development Enginers, in this article we will check the Most Repeated Questions asked in the AZ 204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Certification Exam.

We have attached a pdf of AZ-204 Exam Questions / AZ204Dumps with Answers Free[PDF].

About AZ 204 Certification

The AZ-204 is an exam offered by Microsoft that tests the skills and knowledge of developers interested in designing and developing solutions using Microsoft Azure services. The exam is intended for developers who have experience in different programming languages, such as C#, Node.js, or Python, and who are familiar with Azure development tools, services, and technologies.

The exam covers a range of topics, including Azure computing services, Azure storage services, Azure security, and Azure integration and messaging services. Candidates are also expected to understand Azure app services, serverless computing, Azure DevOps, and Azure APIs.

Passing the AZ204 exam will demonstrate that a developer has the skills and knowledge to design and develop solutions leveraging Azure services. This certification can help developers to advance their careers and increase their earning potential by showcasing their expertise in Microsoft Azure.

AZ-204 Exam Questions and Dump

Skills Measured in AZ-204 Exam

Below is the exam syllabus od the AZ204 Exam:

  • Develop Azure compute solutions (25–30%)
  • Develop for Azure storage (15–20%)
  • Implement Azure security (20–25%)
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (15–20%)
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (15–20%)

Check the complete exam syllabus for AZ204 exam from Microsoft.

Exam AZ-204 Questions Type

The following type of Questions are asked in AZ 900 Exam

  • Multiple Choice Questions – One Correct Option
  • Multiple Choice Questions – More than one Correct option
  • Correct Order Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions Based on Case Studies
  • Drag & Drop values to correct option
  • Series and Yes & No Questions

AZ 204 Exam Questions with Answers

Q1. You provide an Azure API-managed web service to clients. The back-end web service implements HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). You need to configure the Azure API Management instance with an authentication policy. Every request to the backend service must include a valid HTTP authorization header.
Which two policies should you use?

A. Certificate Authentication
B. OAuth Client Credential Grant
C. Digest Authentication
D. Basic Authentication

Q2. You need to implement a publish/subscribe messaging component by using Azure Service Bus.
In the Azure portal, you see that messages are being sent to the subscription for each topic. You create and initialize a subscription client object by supplying the correct details, but the subscription application is still not consuming the messages.

You need to complete the source code of the subscription client What should you do?

A. await subscriptionClient.AddRuleAsync(new RuleDescription(RuleDescription.DefaultRuleName, new TrueFilter()));
B. subscriptionClient = new SubscriptionClient(ServiceBusConnectionString, TopicName, SubscriptionName);
C. subscriptionClient.RegisterMessageHandler(ProcessMessagesAsync, messageHandlerOptions);
D. await subscriptionClient.CloseAsync();

Q3 Your company is developing a mobile instant messaging app. The mobile app must meet the following requirements:

• Support offline data sync.
• Update the latest messages during normal sync cycles.
• You need to implement Offline Data Sync.

Which 2 actions should you perform?

A. Return the updatedAt column from the Mobile Service Backend and implement sorting by the message id.
B. Retrieve records from Offline Data Sync using an Incremental Sync.
C. Retrieve records from Offline Data Sync on every call to the PullAsync method.
D. Return the updatedAt column from the Mobile Service Backend and implement sorting by using the column.

Q4 A serverless application needs to be developed using several Azure Functions. These functions connect to data from within the code.
You want to configure tracing for an Azure Function App project. Which tool should you use to change the configuration settings in the hostjson file?

A. Azure Functions Core Tools (Azure CLI)
B. Azure PowerShell
C. Visual Studio
D. Azure portal

Q5 An autonomous transportation system software solution is being developed by your company.
What should you do to create compute nodes for the solution on Azure Batch?
The solution uses Azure Batch processing and large data sets to simulate navigation sets for entire fleets of vehicles.

A. In Python, implement the class: TaskAddParameter
B. In Python, implement the class: JobAddParameter
C. In the Azure portal, create a Batch account
D. In a .NET method, call the method: BatchClient.PoolOperations.CreateJob

Q6. An Azure Web App is created using an Azure SQL Database instance, Azure Storage Account, and an Azure Redis Cache instance in a resource group. You must grant the developer the Contribute role to the web app

What two commands can you use?

A. New-AzureRmRoleDefinition
B. New-AzureRmRoleAssignment
C. az role assignment create
D. az role definition create

Q7. You are developing a solution that uses an Azure SQL Database for an mobile app. The mobile app stores sensitive information about users.
Which three items must you identify when configuring dynamic data masking to hide sensitive information from developers?

A. Schema
B. Column
C. Trigger
D. Index
E. Table

Q8. You need to implement multifactor authentication for the website for an internal website for employees to view sensitive data. The website uses AAD for authentication.

What should you do?

A. In Azure AD, enable application proxy.
B. In Azure AD, create a new conditional access policy.
C. In Azure AD conditional access, enable the baseline policy.
D. Configure the website to use Azure AD B2C.
E. Upgrade to Azure AD Premium.

Q9. Customer information for an application is stored in Azure Table storage. The data contains customer details and is partitioned by last name.
Write a query that returns all customers with the last name Smith.

A. TableQuery.GenerateFilterCondition(“PartitionKey”, QueryComparisons.Equal, “Smith”)
B. TableQuery.GenerateFilterCondition(“LastName”, Equals, “Smith”)
C. TableQuery.GenerateFilterCondition(“PartitionKey”, Equals, “Smith”)
D. TableQuery.GenerateFilterCondition(“LastName”, QueryComparisons.Equal, “Smith”)

Q10. A pool of compute nodes is used to create and run an Azure Batch job.
Which method should you use to choose the right class and its method to submit a batch job to the Batch service?

A. CloudJob.Enable(String,IEnumerable)
B. JobOperations.EnableJobAsync
C. CloudJob.CommitAsync(IEnumerable, CancellationToken)
D. JobOperations.EnableJob(IEnumerable)

Q11. You are developing an app that allows users to upload photos and videos to Azure storage. You have blob storage containers named Container A and Container B. Uploading of videos occurs on an irregular basis. The app uses a storage REST API call to upload the media to a blob storage account named Account A.
You need to copy specific blobs from Container A to Container B in real-time when specific requirements are met, excluding backup blob copies. What should you do to?

A. Use AzCopy with the Snapshot switch blobs to Container B.
B. Run the Azure PowerShell command Start-AzureStorageBlobCopy.
C. Copy blobs to Container B by using the Put Blob operation of the Blob Service REST API.
D. Download the blob to a virtual machine and then upload the blob to Container B.

Q12. Your company is developing an ASP.NET Core Web API web service. The web service uses Azure Application Insights for all telemetry and dependency tracking. The web service reads and writes data to a database other than Microsoft SQL Server.
Which two Dependency Telemetry properties should you store in the database?
You need to ensure that dependency tracking works for calls to the third-party database.

A. Telemetry.Context.Operation.Id
B. Tetemetry.Context.Cloud.Rolelnstance
C. Telemetry.Id
D. Telemetry.ContextSession.Id
E. Telemetry.Name

Q14. You are monitoring the performance of an Azure web app by using Application Insights. You need to ensure the cost for the Application is optimized. What should you do?
A. Implement ingestion sampling using the Azure portal.
B. Set a daily cap for the Application Insights instance.
C. Implement adaptive sampling using the Azure portal.
D. Implement adaptive sampling using the Application Insights SDK.
E. Implement ingestion sampling using the Application Insights SDK.

Q15. You need to ensure that the Azure messaging services solution which is under development uses a publish-subscribe model and eliminates the need for constant polling.
What are two possible ways to achieve the goal?
A. Service Bus
B. Event Hub
C. Event Grid
D. Queue

Q. You are building a traffic monitoring system that monitors traffic along six highways. The system produces time series analysis-based reports for each highway. Data from traffic sensors are stored in Azure Event Hub.
Traffic data is consumed by different departments.
You need to implement the Azure Event Hub so Latency is minimized. Which option should you select?

AZ204 Dumps Download
AZ204 Dumps Download

Box 1: 6
Box 2: Highway

Q. You are developing a Docker/Go using Azure App Service Web App for Containers. You plan to run the container in an App Service on Linux. You identify a Docker container image to use.
You need to create the application and perform an initial deployment.
Which three Azure CLI commands should you use to develop the solution?

AZ 204 Exam Topics Dump

Step 1: az group create
Step 2: az appservice plan create
Step 3: az webapp create

Q. Your company is managing several existing Logic Apps.
What should you use to change definitions, add new logic, and optimize these apps on a regular basis?

Answer: A
Box 1: Enterprise Integration Pack
Box 2: Code View Editor
Box 3: Logical Apps Designer
References: definitions

Q. You need to configure Azure CDN for the Shipping website.
Which configuration options should you use?

AZ-204 Certification Exam
AZ-204 Certification Exam

Answer: A
Scenario: Shipping website
Tier: Standard
Profile: Akamai
Optimization: Dynamic site acceleration

How to Prepare for AZ-204 Exam

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Practice Test for AZ-204 Exam Free & Paid

1. Microsoft Practice Test AZ-204 Official

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AZ-204 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF] – link

We have prepared a PDF that contains the most repeated questions of the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Certification Exam AZ-204.

PDF link – AZ 204 Exam Questions/Dumps with Answers Free[PDF]
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